Application Completion Rate

What is Application Completion Rate?

This metrics calculates how many candidates who start an application for an open role at your company go ahead and submit it for consideration.

How to calculate Application Completion Rate?

# of submitted applications n / total # of candidates who started an application = Application Completion Rate


Tracking application completion rate helps hiring managers optimize their recruitment processes. Finding the right talent is a difficult task, therefore they need to make sure there are no unnecessary drop-offs. Employers need to pay attention to the overall user experience in their online application. Things such as limiting the number of irrelevant data fields and ensuring that the application is mobile accessible are just a few ways to increase yield in the application process.


Focusing on application completion rate only can detract attention from the quality of the applications received. Ideally, you want to attract the right candidates, not just increase the completion rate. Too many unfit applications will likely increase the team’s workload and your time to fill.

How should you visualize Application Completion Rate?

number viz icon line chart icon