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Are everyday processes getting in the way of great customer support?

You and your team want to give the best customer service but it’s difficult when:

You have to dig into tools and reports to see where improvements are needed
There’s a time lag on crucial metrics like ticket volume and first response time, so action is delayed
You’re juggling multiple channels, so it’s hard to see which ones need the most attention at any given time
Everyday firefighting means that long-term objectives get deprioritized
Your team lacks the insight to turn good customer support into great customer support
The wider company doesn’t see or appreciate your team’s hard work

Geckoboard’s TV dashboards help customer support teams give the best service and get recognition

  • Improve key metrics

    Improve key metrics

    Display your key metrics in real time, like open tickets, first response times, CSAT, and tickets solved, on a single dashboard. This way your team can effortlessly keep an eye on things, spot bottlenecks, and prevent problems.

  • Inspire and motivate

    Inspire and motivate

    Unite your team around clear goals and targets. These, plus leaderboards, give your agents quick feedback on how they’re doing and inspire them to make a difference.

  • Highlight the unsung heroes

    Highlight the unsung heroes

    Get your team the recognition they deserve, by displaying your metrics in a prominent place and making your team’s contribution clear.

Easily build bespoke TV dashboards for your customer service team with Geckoboard

Add any metricYou can pull in support metrics from your everyday tools, as well as metrics from the rest of the business, and monitor them on a single dashboard. We make it easy with over 60 integrations including Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Spreadsheets.

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Customize without codingCreate a dashboard that’s perfect for your team, with no need for coding or a developer. Our drag and drop interface makes it really easy to change the layout, visualizations, and goals as your priorities change.

Customizable customer support dashboards

Clearly and easily display on TVYou can get your customer service dashboard live on a TV in minutes. And with our carefully considered visualizations that update automatically, your team will have clear, real-time metrics, at a glance.

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Build your first customer support dashboard in minutes.

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