Marketing Dashboards - make marketing metrics unmissable

Everything in one place With countless marketing tools on the go, your metrics get scattered around and buried in browser tabs. Share your key metrics with a marketing dashboard that’s always on your TV, to get a single overview of what matters.

Everything in one place

React faster Marketing reports are time-consuming, and often aren’t shared til the end of the week. Display your major metrics live on a TV so your team can react to issues in real-time, and grab opportunities before it’s too late.

React faster

Increase ownership How can your team own their goals when their metrics are out of sight, out of mind? By showing your team their metrics on a marketing dashboard they can take personal pride in company targets, prioritize work, and track how they’re doing.

Increase ownership

Why use Geckoboard's marketing dashboard software?

  • Build it yourself

    Build it yourself

    Build your first marketing dashboard in minutes, with no need to code or use a developer. Plus, with over 60 integrations, you can pull in metrics from all your channels like search, display, mobile, social, video, and email.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your dashboard up on TV in seconds. Ultra-simple to set up, our dashboards are designed for TVs, with easy to understand visualizations that can be seen far away, and a loop feature so you can swap dashboards on one screen.

See how your peers are using our marketing dashboards

  • Since setting up Geckoboard, we’ve increased our organic traffic globally by 10%, while our key markets have grown up to 50%. Our dashboards help us pinpoint the most valuable markets and target areas where we need to improve.
    Linus Larsson, Thule
  • Geckoboard helped us reduce our ad spend by one third.
    Angus Bankes, PetsPyjamas
  • The simple live visualizations make our business’s most important metrics easily digestible and actionable for everyone and as a direct result of installing live TV visualizations of our most important metrics, the team have managed to improve our website conversion rate by 33% in 6 months.
    Chris Peters, Diggerland USA