Marketing Dashboard Examples

Get some inspiration with these marketing dashboard examples that we've put together using sample marketing data. See how the marketing team can track key metrics and display them using designs that are maximized for usefulness.

AdWords marketing dashboard example

Monitor key AdWords metrics including impressions, clicks, CTR and spend at the ad, adgroup, campaign and account level.

Digital marketing dashboard example

Get a real-time overview of your digital marketing efforts in a single dashboard, with data from several tools like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing dashboard example

Learn about the different types of Marketing Dashboards you can create. Explore a sample to help you envision how your business could benefit from monitoring in this way.

Pirate Metrics (AARRR) dashboard example

Drive improvements to your AARRR funnel with this Pirate Metrics dashboard.

SEO dashboard example

Monitor your organic traffic and any changes in rankings as they happen without having to dig into multiple tools to see the data you need.

Social media monitoring dashboard example

See your brand's reach grow over time and quickly identify new issues and opportunities to connect with your followers.

Web Analytics dashboard example

See a sample Web Analytics Dashboard in action. Learn more about using your own data in a dashboard of your design and choosing.