Sales Dashboard Examples

Keep a close eye on your sales performance with these simple, real-time sales dashboard examples. Bring focus to your team by tracking the metrics which matter to their success.

Excel dashboard example

Make your lifeless spreadsheet data come alive. See a sample Excel dashboard and download our template to start creating a dashboard containing your own data.

Sales account manager dashboard example

For an Account Manager, monitoring a small handful of key metrics can have a huge impact on awareness of account health and progress towards targets.

Sales dashboard example

Look at a functional Sales Dashboard in action. Explore the different concepts and learn how you could use your sales metrics to motivate and inform your team.

Sales development rep dashboard example

Motivate SDRs by giving real-time insight into their progress towards their targets ad providing visibility on the quality of the leads they qualify.

Sales development team dashboard example

Build a healthy competitive culture and greater awareness in your team of SDRs by opening up real-time performance data.

Sales team manager dashboard example

Keep a close eye on high-level sales team performance with a simple real-time dashboard containing some carefully-chosen metrics.

Sales team overview dashboard example

Displayed on a screen in your workspace, an overview dashboard like this can give visibility of key sales metrics to members of other teams.

Salesforce dashboard example

Make your Salesforce report data come alive. See a sample Salesforce dashboard that makes key metrics more visible and encourages your team to focus and improve performance.