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Geckoboard turns data that's buried in your systems and reports into always-on dashboards designed to increase target attainment by displaying the performance of your team on a wall-mounted screen.

60+ Integrations

Pre-built integrations make connecting to your sales data as easy as a couple of clicks.

Sales dashboard integrations
  • Number KPI widget with goal example
  • KPI gauge example
  • Number KPI and percent example


Unlock your team's competitive spirit and get everyone hitting their targets by adding goals and comparisons that show how individual and team performance stacks up.

  • Number KPI widget with goal example
  • KPI gauge example
  • Number KPI and percent example

Easy to understand

Turn your sales data into straightforward visualizations that strip out clutter, remove confusion, and ensure your sales team know where they stand in a glance.

Encourage transparency

Display your dashboard where everyone can see their KPIs to get your sales team focused on achieving goals.

Mobile sales dashboards

Out of the office?

You and your team can now monitor your key sales data whilst out on the road with the Geckoboard iOS app.

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  • Drag and drop Your sales goals will constantly change. That's why we've made it easy to build, edit and update your dashboards without the need for technical help through our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.
  • Custom sales dashboards Customise the look and feel of your KPI dashboard with custom CSS to engage your team with their data and get everyone rallying around their numbers
  • Unite Combine sales data from several sources onto a single dashboard to create a single glanceable view of how your whole sales funnel is performing.
  • Dashboard loops Limited by the number of screens your workspace has? Build loops that cycle through several dashboards on one screen, providing more insight in a smaller amount of space.

Happy Customers

Life before Geckoboard was like flying a plane through fog with no instruments. Now it's everyone’s responsibility to monitor our performance and keep the company on course.

Alejandro Pérez, CEO, Komet Sales

Geckoboard allows you to be more proactive with issues and it keeps me from back peddling trying to fix problems that could have been resolved much easier sooner in the process.

AJ Franchi, Chief Information Officer at Gold Star

Unlock your sales team’s potential

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