New Hire Turnover Rate

What is New Hire Turnover Rate?

This metric calculates the percentage of new hires who leave the company within a given period of time.

How to calculate New Hire Turnover Rate?

When gathering your data, you’ll first need to establish your criteria for what is considered a separation for this metric. e.g. hires who’ve passed probation, leaving within the first year, etc.

You’ll also want to gather data from the same time period. e.g. over one calendar year.

( # of separations during the time period / average number of employees during the same time period ) * 100 = New Hire Turnover Rate


Tracking New Hire Turnover Rate gives you an indication of the effectiveness of your hiring and onboarding strategy.

New starters who pass their probation and remain in your company for over a year are a good indication that your company has successfully matched both external representations and job roles with your hiring strategy.


Focusing only on New Hire Turnover Rate could prevent you from noticing bigger employee movement trends. For example, if your overall turnover rate is going up, this could indicate that your management is not as effective as it could be.