Mobile apps kpi dashboard - help teams work smarter

See the impact Your teams do everything to make your app amazing, but can they see the results? Show your teams the impact and wider context of their work, with a mobile apps dashboard on your TV, to help them feel motivated and make better decisions.

See the impact

Spark conversationsMobile analytics tools are made for one person diving into the data, but they aren’t great for team discussions. Display your most important mobile app metrics on a TV dashboard, so your teams can bounce around ideas for boosting revenue and engagement.

Spark conversations

React quickerYour app metrics can change in the blink of an eye, whether it’s a press mention driving new downloads, or a change in the app having a negative impact on engagement. With a real-time mobile apps dashboard your teams can spot issues and opportunities, and react to them faster.

React quicker

Why use Geckoboard's mobile apps dashboard software?

  • Quick and easy

    Quick and easy

    Whether you’re a CEO or a team leader, you can build your first mobile app dashboard in minutes, and with over 60 integrations you can include all your current tools without bothering your engineering team. .

  • Metrics at a glance

    Metrics at a glance

    Display key metrics like cost per install, lifetime value, and retention rates on a TV dashboard, so your teams can instantly see the health of the business across the entire customer journey.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your SaaS dashboard up on TV in seconds, with clean visualizations that can be seen from afar, and a loop option that lets you cycle through different dashboards on one screen.

See how your peers are using our mobile apps dashboards

  • You can always start with a very simple dashboard and help people get excited about data by making that data accessible and visible in the office.
    Jan Gelin, Rubicon Project
  • We have a goal-oriented culture at Ratio because we're hungry for growth and want to do a great job for our customers. We use Geckoboard to bring visibility to our Objectives & Key Results, our goal-setting framework, so everyone has a live reminder of how we’re all doing against our goals and can prioritize work effectively.
    Marc Biles, Ratio