SaaS product KPIs dashboard example

Photo of Wojciech Horyza, Business Operations Associate at Survicate
Wojciech Horyza

Business Operations Associate

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What’s this dashboard for?

At Survicate we have a few dashboards that give us different views of our core metrics. Unlike our high-level company metrics dashboard, this dashboard shows our product success metrics in detail. The main purpose is to show how our product is being used and whether it’s making customers happy.

On the left we have some core product health metrics so our developers can keep track of how efficiently they’re working, and below that we have Bugs Created vs Solved. This helps both developers and Customer Support get a feel for how well we’re solving customers’ issues.

Next up, Product Popularity, which we track in Mixpanel. We have several products within Survicate’s offering. This visualization lets us see which products are proving to be most popular with our customers in the past few weeks.

At the center of our dashboard, we have Feedback Clicks (the number of times our feedback button has been clicked) which I’ve included temporarily. We’ve just launched a new product, and this is an interesting way to see if it’s going down well, or if the feature is even being used.

The remaining KPIs are CS related. Our Happiness Score is the most important of these as we want to make sure we’re delivering a great experience for our customers. We’re also tracking NPS (Net Promoter Score), Number of Conversations, and Response Times from Intercom, to give extra context around the customer experience.

Finally, we display our Employee Engagement score. This is tracked in a platform called Officevibe, and HR simply update a spreadsheet with the score once a month to keep the visualization up to date.

As our company grew from a 10-15 person startup to a team of 25, we felt a strong need to formalize the way we were sharing metrics. Our summary dashboard gives us an overview of our core company metrics, but the team wanted a selection of more detailed product metrics which didn’t quite fit on that dashboard. Having asked the team exactly what they needed to see, I created this dashboard and added it to a loop alongside the other one.

  • Reveals more detailed product metrics
  • Gives a sense of whether customers are happy with the product
  • Helps to track employee happiness

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