• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mention, Youtube

  • Objective

    Reacting faster to changes in key metrics

Founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York, Bestpass provides nationwide streamlined toll management services for commercial fleets, compatible with more than 40 tolling groups and all weigh station bypass networks. Bestpass processes around $420 million in toll each year.


CEO John Andrews and his team were wasting valuable time finding and updating key business metrics for Bestpass. Also, by the time paper reports were presented they were out-of-date.

John wanted to get key metrics in front of his 39-person team efficiently to speed up their reaction times.


They tried to create their own TV dashboard solution but found themselves spending lots of time trying to design nice visualizations that told the story of their data effectively. Struggling to show the data in a meaningful format meant wasting hours of valuable time and still not getting a satisfactory result.

When one of John’s developers suggested Geckoboard, the simple, out-the-box solution was a no brainer and involved none of the heavy lifting of their in-house attempts. John estimated that it would have taken a minimum of four weeks of a data-visualization-savvy developer’s time over a year to run an in-house solution. With Geckoboard, setting up was so easy that they had their first dashboard up and running within hours.


Now, each department has a large television on the wall that focuses teams by visualizing their key metrics clearly, and John has a full overview of business performance against goals through a dashboard in his office.


The metrics on the dashboards evolved from nobody knowing how to get the information that they wanted to everybody wanting more. John created dashboards with key metrics for each department then shared it with the different teams, from sales to finance to customer service, who fed back on the content. This way the dashboards evolved organically, exposing useful information to people who could start making quicker decisions and immediately see how their actions impact progress towards goals.

The dashboards evolved from nobody knowing how to get the metrics they wanted to everybody wanting more. Now we have them everywhere. No matter where you are in the office, you can get the information that you need.

There is also a TV in the common area displaying an overview of each department so everyone in the company can see how everyone else is doing. Geckoboard has helped facilitate transparency at Bestpass, which in turn helps unite and focus the teams.



The biggest benefit of using Geckoboard, says John, is that people at his company are more aware of the state of the business and take more ownership for it. Contrary to paper reports, Geckoboard updates live and teams constantly have the latest metrics to make quick and accurate decisions. The live goal visualization has been particularly valuable for the sales team since seeing where things stand live has helped increase goal attainment.


Nobody has to go ask for the numbers because they’re always available. This has raised the level of conversation to be more about the data rather than how to get the data.

Geckoboard has become a big part of Bestpass and John says he never has to worry about the display – it just works. Instead of using up valuable developer time or paying for an expensive consultant, he has found an easy, low-cost, live solution that is reliable and has become indispensable in his fast-paced business. They are able to see trends ahead of time and ask questions immediately rather than wait til a report is shared around.

The dashboards have raised the level of conversation in the office to be about the data instead of getting the data. This has opened up a much more proactive approach to problems, created a greater feeling of ownership for the team and helped the business eliminate crises.