• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Google Analytics, Zendesk, Mixpanel, custom datasets

  • Objective

    Improve reaction time and get people more involved in the business

Dashlane makes identity and payments simple and secure everywhere, with its award winning password manager and secure digital wallet. It is the solution for the common problem encountered by hundreds of millions of web users and businesses worldwide - that of secure account registration and login on every website and every device at home and work. Over five million people use Dashlane to manage their passwords, automatically log in to their accounts, generate strong passwords and pay on any website without ever typing card info.


As a fast-growing startup, Dashlane needed to monitor the business and focus its teams. They also wanted a tool to help them improve reaction times by detecting issues immediately, before they became problems.

Dashlane’s CEO, Emmanuel Schalit, wanted highly-visible dashboards on the office walls so that everyone could monitor live company metrics at all times and better focus on what matters.


For this they chose Geckoboard, because it’s quick and easy to setup and integrates with a large amount of Software as a Service (SaaS) systems.

The office started off with two TV screens and grew from there as they kept adding more and more dashboards of high-level company metrics, team metrics and individual metrics as well as project-based dashboards.


The dashboards at Dashlane filter down to every single person in the company, starting with high level key performance indicators (KPIs) shown on TV screens around the office. They will be monitoring things like number of accounts, number of active users and conversion to premium accounts. Big projects also get a dedicated dashboard on the wall so people can follow their progress against the key metrics that indicate project success.

The company started using Geckoboard when when we were 10 people. Now we are 100 and the whole team are Geckoboard users as the TVs are accessible to everyone. We are all monitoring everything on the main dashboards every single day, making us completely aware of the state of the business at all times.

Each team also has its own dashboard with KPIs specific to them but impacting the company’s top-level metrics. There is a dedicated Customer Support dashboard, a whole host of Developer dashboards, Marketing dashboards and more. The teams are always aware of their most important metrics through Geckoboard and how they are impacting overall company metrics. Thanks to this live data, any issues that arise are immediately seen and are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Every team member is also given personal KPIs that they are responsible for and which they actively monitor through a dashboard available on their desktop and iPhone. These key metrics feed directly into the team’s goals and consequently the company’s goals, so every person is motivated by the knowledge that what they do impacts company growth.


At Dashlane, the majority of the dashboards consist of custom datasets. The developers created a simple script to pull key metrics from their internal systems which allows for fully customized metrics on their displays.

I love the flexibility of Geckoboard’s custom datasets. We can easily pull data from our internal systems and create beautiful live visualizations.

Dashlane_Dashboard_Examples On these dashboards, the Dashlane team tracks the usage of some of their features over time. It enables them to detect the impact of their releases, represented here as vertical lines.


Geckoboard’s live monitoring has alerted the teams at Dashlane to any stand-out changes in their metrics as soon as they’ve happened. The dashboards has given them immediate feedback on product updates, bugs, PR, events and more. This has allowed them to react incredibly fast and improve key metrics by seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Geckoboard helps keep everyone at Dashlane aware of and focused on the goals they’re working towards and has created a highly focused and agile business that has been able to grow very fast.