• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Google Sheets, Trello

  • Objective

    Motivate sales teams to hit targets

eSynergy Solutions was founded in 2001 and is a London-based IT recruitment company with a community feel. They regularly run events, webinars, meetups, training sessions and conferences as well as partner with innovative Open Source organisations and communities. eSynergy Solutions is a key sponsor at Skills Matter.


For Sales Operations Manager John, generating reports from their CRM system was a long-winded process that was further slowed down by the fact that the team were usually too focussed on chasing their targets to do admin like updating the CRM.

Sales people don’t have time to input and interpret numbers, they want to see at a glance, and in a format they can relate to, how close they are to hitting target without having to worry about how those numbers got there.

John would put the Excel sheet reports into a PowerPoint presentation then present them on a wall-mounted TV and manually update them. They’d hold meetings three times a week to interpret and discuss the numbers in relation to incentives and targets and to encourage people to leap into action before their deadline. However, often by the time they had accurate data it was too late to take any action.

John began searching for a solution that could be connected straight to their CRM and update automatically, reliably putting live metrics in front of the whole team via TVs to keep them focused and use their natural competitive spirit to increase target attainment.


John found Geckoboard through a recommendation from an existing customer. The first few iterations of the initial dashboard were a collaboration between John and one of his directors that they kept on their desktops until they had a version they felt was ready to go on a TV on the wall. Since then there have been multiple iterations, and today the office has 16 dashboards on 8 screens fully customized using Custom Themes with logo and branding colors to make them feel more a part of the office.


Each team has three dashboards – one for closed deals, one for monthly activity targets and one for overall company targets. Everyone can easily relate how their work is impacting overall company goals. In addition, each salesperson is given a dashboard sharing link so they can bring up their own dashboard on their computer showing them live how they are doing against their targets. This gives them the necessary focus to prioritize the right actions every day.

There is a Leaderboard showing the revenue each person has generated and how close they are to incentive targets. At eSynergy Solutions that can be anything from monthly lunch clubs and sales conferences to exotic holidays.


A company performance dashboard incorporates the company’s overall monthly stats and performance in terms of where they want to be with headcount and revenue over the financial year.

When a director comes in, they can straight away see exactly where we are in terms of revenue coming in, the deals we’ve done and how we’re doing against our targets. We can then visually look on a granular basis at the individual teams to see how they’re doing. That’s really, really powerful.


The recruitment industry attracts highly motivated people who love a bit of competition. The eSynergy Solutions dashboards, and in particular their leaderboards, make this competition completely open and transparent to everybody. Seeing progress displayed live on the dashboards has created a buzz and encouraged people further down the board to push themselves nearer the top. When metrics are up on the wall this way, nobody can hide behind someone else’s performance and everyone feels accountable. This has brought a new sense of focus to John’s recruitment team and sales figures have gone up as a result.

If my salespeople can see live where they are against their targets, if they can see they need to make an additional amount on that last deal, they will figure out how. Not only does it benefit them, it benefits me, it benefits the company. Geckoboard has made a huge difference in behaviour by making the team constantly aware of the metrics that matter and as a result our sales have gone up by 10%.