• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Google Analytics, Mixpanel, New Relic, GitHub, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Intercom

  • Objective

    Focus and motivate teams in time of rapid growth

G2 Crowd is a business software ratings and reviews platform by and for real IT and business users. Users can browse peer reviews and select the best products, write reviews to share expertise as well as earn recognition and rewards as an expert.


G2 Crowd was experiencing very rapid growth – doubling in size two years in a row – and this meant more segmentation, division into departments and staff having less of an overview of how they were doing day-to-day and how the company was doing as a whole.

Mark wanted to create focus for teams using key metrics and motivate them to reach goals through live tracking and monitoring.

To achieve this he needed better visibility into the company’s key metrics. They had their own custom data visualization tool that they wrote themselves. However, as the company grew, there were too many systems that needed to be pulled in and made to talk to each other. Mark began searching for a better solution in the most obvious place – reviews of tools on G2 Crowd!


Geckoboard came out on top because it was so quick to set up in a free trial and easy to use. It also had a wide range of integrations out-of-the-box with the tools G2 Crowd use.

At first there was only one main board with macro company goals. But, as G2 Crowd grew, more segmentation was needed and now each department has its own TV dashboard on the wall with much more granular level goals, offering people complete visibility into what’s going on across the company.

So much of what the company does is centered around gathering reviews so site traffic, number of reviews and revenue are obvious key metrics to display and track. However, thanks to Geckoboard, the teams at G2 Crowd have been able to go deeper and start to track leading metrics that drive those three key metrics on a hourly, daily, and weekly basis. This live visibility into highly actionable key metrics has allowed everyone to catch problems early and focus on hitting their goals.

Our key metrics have become smarter, more actionable over time and, as a result, we respond more quickly and more intelligently to anything that comes up to drive faster growth.


Using Geckoboard, the company’s chosen key metrics have evolved and become smarter and more actionable, resulting in faster response time and more intelligent, informed decisions that drive faster growth.

Before Geckoboard, there was an incident where leads were down significantly for six weeks but the team only noticed there was a bug after four and a half weeks because they didn’t have the necessary visibility into their key metrics. With Geckoboard, this sort of thing never has a chance to develop and become a problem. The dashboards have repeatedly helped Mark and his team notice issues straight away and nip them in the bud long before any damage is caused.

I love having Geckoboard on the walls because every time people walk by, they see a live heartbeat of performance and prioritize actions to drive growth.

The culture at G2 Crowd is highly goal-oriented and driven so the TV dashboards have acted as a great motivational tool by bringing a daily visual focus on the numbers that matter. People see how they’re trending towards their goals and if they’re not, they can change strategy quickly to hit their targets.