• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Amazon Cloudwatch, Basecamp, GoSquared, Intercom, New Relic, Pingdom, Salesforce, Zendesk

  • Objective

    Monitoring business performance to improve response time

Komet Sales is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business to business platform. The platform allows a company to manage everything that has to do with running a flower operation at an import and wholesale level.


On a monthly basis, Komet Sales use over 30 different SaaS tools to run their business and were finding it increasingly difficult to use all the data coming from these systems in order to enable decision making.

The team needed a system that would consolidate information from multiple cloud tools to avoid wasting time looking into each tool separately for answers. The old, time-consuming way also relied solely on Alejandro for monitoring data as he was the person who’d drill down into each system. However, he wanted to create a transparent culture that automated and democratized monitoring and made everyone aware of and responsible for the numbers.


Alejandro set out to find a solution that functioned like an airplane cockpit, which displays all the important data for flying safely without the need for going to the back of the plane to search through a thick manual for answers.

Alejandro didn’t want to use his development resource on building an in-house dashboard solution as he felt it would have detracted from their focus to work on something that is not part of their own system. He preferred to pay for a ready-to-use tool as long as it solved his problem. With Geckoboard, he could instantly connect out-the-box to all the tools they used and display the most useful pieces of information that were critical for the business at the time.

There are currently over a dozen TV screens strategically placed on the walls of the open plan Komet Sales HQ. Careful consideration was taken to ensure people could see and take advantage of the actionable data at a comfortable glance from their seat and the Geckoboards are designed both portrait and landscape to best accommodate the data they display.


Portrait style dashboard showing project progress

The information on the various dashboards is split to accommodate specific teams. There are several technical dashboards displaying things like throughput, uptakes, number of connections, uptime and error rates. They also have one customer services dashboard, one sales dashboard and several project specific dashboards.

Sales dashboard

The sales team is in some ways involved in customer service so a sharing loop is used to display both dashboards on the same screen for them. This feature is also very valuable for someone like Alejandro, as it allows him to have a real-time bird’s eye view of the entire organization from the comfort of his desk.


Komet Sales is deeply customer-service driven and monitoring with Geckoboard has made a huge difference to the customer services team, who now can see things like number of open tickets, average reply time and Intercom conversation alerts in real-time. This has been a big motivator for the team and has brought down their average reply time on Zendesk from 90 minutes pre-Geckoboard to under 12 minutes.


Customer Services dashboard

Geckoboard has also completely democratized monitoring and made it everyone’s responsibility to keep an eye on the data so nothing ever falls between the cracks. The dashboards have also been instrumental in keeping the team focused on what matters as the workforce has almost doubled in the last 18 months.

Alejandro compares this culture of collectively monitoring with an intensive care unit at a hospital where nurses look at screens to understand if a patient is doing ok, is in trouble or even if something bad might be about to happen.

The next step for Komet Sales is to pass on the value they have experienced from Geckoboard onto their own customers. They plan to create dashboards for their clients in order to assist them in their own data monitoring and hope it will be just as helpful for them.