• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Salesforce, Google Calendar, Jira, Dropbox, Spreadsheets, Datasets API

  • Objective

    Focus teams on important metrics to prioritize actions that improve them

Marketo®, the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, was founded in 2006 to help marketers develop long-term relationships with their customers - from acquisition to advocacy. Marketo® serves as a strategic partner to large enterprise and fast-growing small companies across a wide variety of industries, all of whom make up the Marketing Nation® – a vast community of marketers that share ideas, expertise and best practices in an effort to help everyone master digital marketing.

Marketo® is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices around the world.


Marketo®’s Customer Services teams, spread across three continents, were all relying on Salesforce native dashboards to track team performance metrics. However, the dashboards had to be manually refreshed so were not always showing up-to-date information, which is critical in a constantly changing Customer Support environment.

The dashboards were also not front and centre all the time, as a constant reminder for the team of what they were focused on and how they were performing, since they were designed for one-to-one interaction with the data as opposed to one-to-many communication of data.

Additionally, they had key metrics outside of Salesforce, in spreadsheets, which meant they couldn’t get a single view of all their performance metrics.


After trying different tools, they did a free trial of Geckoboard. The quick-to-setup live TV dashboard software built simple to understand visualizations of live metrics directly from reports in Salesforce. Geckoboard was also able to visualize key metrics from 60+ other tools including Google Sheets.

The dashboards didn’t require any technical support to get working and the customer support managers could build the dashboards for themselves in a few hours with exactly the metrics they wanted.

The full-screen mode meant dashboards could easily be attractively displayed on TVs in prominent locations. This meant they acted as a constant reminder of what the focus was for the different teams, and how they were performing against targets.

The dashboard is invaluable to my team and the business. For the business you can showcase what you’re doing. For the team it gives focus and visibility to what the priorities are. There’s a greater tendency to take ownership for your work because you feel accountable and it’s visible.

Louiza Verykiou, Manager of Customer Support EMEA, Marketo® (Dublin)

Dashboard_Example_Customer_Support_Marketo_Dublin Customer Support Team dashboard in Dublin

By creating competitions around a particular key metric for a month and visualizing progress on a dashboard, the managers can also motivate their team to focus on what matters to the business at any given time. Having live customer feedback feeding in and highlighting Customer Hero Awards also keeps the teams interested in the dashboards.


The dashboard gives my entire team visibility of our most important metrics and visibility of what’s in the queue. Everybody’s aware. Everybody’s on the same page. It’s completely aligned the team.

Roger Waaijer, Senior Manager Customer Support, Marketo® (Sydney)


Customer Support dashboard in Sydney

The teams are now focused on doing support work that will improve the metrics that really matter to the local team and to the business globally. Also, because data updates live on TVs around the office, nothing is ever missed when waiting for data or reports. Threats can be averted before they become disasters and opportunities get exploited early.

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