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    Use data to unite the team and focus on what matters

Podio, part of Citrix, is the new way for teams to organize, communicate and get work done together. By enabling anyone to fit work apps on Podio to their specific needs, it gives people more power than ever before to manage their work in their own way and bring back a transparency to work that is otherwise lost in emails and documents.


A whiteboard is a great tool for sharing insights, but not if your team is split between Copenhagen and San Francisco, as Podio found. With the help of their own product, they already knew who was working on what but what was missing was an understanding of the impact that people’s work had on the business and how the company was doing as a whole.


The team initially set up a Geckoboard that was showing some of their core metrics – KPIs around user growth, new customers, daily active users, MRR and churn. They then realised they needed several more dashboards to enable better insight into specific areas.

Since the whole team rotate on support, it was an area of everyone’s immediate concern and so KPIs like response time and satisfaction were displayed on a central dashboard with two TV screens dedicated to the job for maximum visibility. Even the remote workers could see this dashboard via a sharing URL. Having the numbers readily available gave the team direction as to what was working well and what needed to be improved and the dashboard motivated them to unite in affecting the metrics.

The product team used Geckoboard to stay informed on important first-time user metrics that helped them see the impact of their work.

For all the dashboards, the KPIs were presented in as self explanatory a way as possible, taking into consideration that everyone doesn’t have a data analytics background.

Podio-example-dashboard-min Graphs are a favourite because they are very visual and easy to interpret


The central dashboard has become the new water cooler in the Podio office. It’s a place where people stop, look, discuss and unite around what they see.

Data transparency is such a big part of the culture at Podio that already when new staff are being onboarded, they are informed about the metrics that the business tracks, and the more detailed metrics that will be more relevant to them for their daily work.

Podio’s KPIs have been chosen very carefully and together form a coherent story that follows the usage funnel and is easy to explain. The team can see changes live on the wall and resolve issues before they become problems.

Geckoboard has helped raise general awareness of these key metrics and the team know they only have to go to their dashboard for a highly accessible first entry point into the data. At a glance they can see straight away if they need to go away and investigate further or take immediate action.