• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Intercom, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Objective

    Monitoring business performance to improve product and drive growth.

PredictHQ is a global events intelligence platform based in Auckland, New Zealand. The platform aggregates, enriches and connects scheduled and real-time event data happening both locally and globally, then predicts which ones could impact your business.


Some of PredictHQ’s team are distributed across several countries, which provided a challenge since it’s difficult to keep everyone focused on the same goals when the team is separated. Also, at this time whilst their product is in Beta, they want to be able to see things like:

  • How their customers are using the product and any roadblocks they are hitting
  • How all the new marketing channels they’re using are performing
  • How the business is performing overall

Having previously been involved in startups that have scaled in a short space of time, PredictHQ’s CEO, Campbell, knew the huge value of making data accessible. In doing so, he was determined to build a transparent culture in terms of business performance to ensure the team could always understand priorities for themselves.


After trying out different dashboard applications, they decided to use Geckoboard because of its range of integrations and ease of setup. Being a small team, they didn’t want to focus development resource on building something when they could integrate all the tools they use out of the box with Geckoboard, which saved a significant amount of time and resources.

They also wanted to use the dashboards to focus the team around what metrics were really important to them during their Beta phase. As such, they built two dashboards – one focused on customers and how they were using the platform and another focused on customer acquisition.

Realizing that nurturing customers and driving word of mouth referrals was critical, they set up a customer dashboard to ensure customers were constantly amazed. Within this dashboard they integrated data via Intercom, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to understand how many active users they had at any moment and how that was progressing over time.

They also monitored how customers were using their tool to understand roadblocks they were hitting. This enabled them to know where they needed to dig deeper to identify feature improvements.

They integrated data from Intercom and Zendesk to see open ticket numbers and response rates to monitor how quickly customers were getting their problems solved. All this gave them a real gauge on customer satisfaction, which is a good leading indicator for word of mouth referrals.

Their second dashboard was focused on customer acquisition via online performance advertising channels. Using Google Analytics and Google Adwords integrations, they were able to understand the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from their various different investments to constantly see which channels were performing best and which channels they should pour more of their precious budget into to drive results. Additionally, they integrated their social mentions into a live stream on the dashboard to see what people were saying about them in real-time.

Both dashboards had a mix of different widgets like gauges and number widgets to ensure the board was broken up and easily digestible. They also used a lot of goals in widgets so the entire team around the world could see what the business was trying to achieve. This meant they could focus their work on achieving the targets based on current progress.

As the business grew, the most important metrics also changed. As such, around once a month they would adjust the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tracked using Geckoboard’s simple drag and drop interface. This ensured the focus of the team changed with the needs of the business.


Monitoring through Geckoboard has helped PredictHQ develop a platform that really pleases their customers. This was achieved by understanding customers’ product roadblocks and developing features to rectify them. Also, by ensuring a timely response to tickets, they continuously exceed customer expectations and drive growth in word-of-mouth referrals.

PredictHQ Dashboard This dashboard contains sample data

Furthermore, understanding the performance of their various acquisition channels has ultimately helped drive growth by more efficient budget allocation.

Geckoboard has also ensured the PredictHQ team catch issues before they become major problems. For instance, through their Geckoboards, they noticed things like an email drip campaign not sending, which was fixed quickly before it had a negative impact on customer activation. This is one example amongst many and they have all added up to ensure PredictHQ run a more agile and effective business.

The open and transparent culture they have developed in terms of business metrics has also enabled the team to be focused on driving priority actions which will help the business grow no matter where they are in the world.