• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    Google Sheets, New Relic, RSS/Atom Feed, Zendesk

  • Objective

    Increase data accessibility and visibility to optimise operations

Quiet Logistics is is a pick-pack-ship operation (fulfillment) that uses a mix of technology and branded packaging to complete the eCommerce experience. Based in the US, they ship orders for some of the eCommerce industry’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands and e-tailers.


The team at Quiet Logistics work with a lot of clients and so deal with vast amounts of data and became aware of how long it was taking them to summarize, access and act on this important information.


They’d been searching for a solution for a year when a Techcrunch article introduced them to Geckoboard.

A couple of Geckoboard dashboards were put together, primarily utilizing custom widgets. Within a few weeks, they had 70 widgets that would form the basis for other dashboards.

The dashboards are either installed on a large overhead screens or displayed on big TVs. There’s also a large number of people who like to have access to their key metrics via their computer or, when they’re on the go, their smartphone.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Quiet Logistics like to track are, among others:

  • Shipped orders per hour
  • Received units per hour
  • Returned units per hour
  • Shipped units per day/week/month/year/all time


The company has now expanded to not only running Geckoboard on their own premises but also in a number of customers’ offices and facilities.


Geckoboard has revolutionized the way Quiet Logistics and its customers access the large amounts of data they deal with day-to-day. The KPIs on Geckoboard tells the teams in the organization at a quick glance how the business is doing in real-time and everyone has consequently become smart on the business and quick to respond to any issues.