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    Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, MailChimp, Datasets

  • Objective

    Give greater visibility to Objectives and Key Results

Ratio makes software with the aim of bringing simplicity, elegance and efficiency to otherwise complex, complicated or archaic markets. They have built price comparison software and a price comparison website Choose Wisely, whose brand promise is to provide simple ways of comparing financial products.

Ratio has also launched men’s underwear subscription service Briefd, as well as Remora, a re-targeting tool for websites that uses AI and machine learning to document the movements of users and automatically adapt the site and ads accordingly.

Ratio launched in 2013 and is based in Bournemouth on the UK’s south-coast.


After beginning to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a goal setting framework for his team, Marc began to realise keeping them in a document was making them less effective. They were setting and forgetting their OKRs, which was limiting their impact as a performance management tool.

Marc realized that putting OKRs on live TV dashboards would make them more effective. Ratio’s first ever ‘dashboard’ was a pie chart powered by iWeb and updated manually every day. However, Marc quickly realized they needed a more visually appealing and automated solution.

We’d used a balanced appraisal scorecard before for performance management but during times of rapid growth there was a panic stations feel to what we were doing. Then we discovered OKRs which cascade the business’ objectives with individuals’ objectives. Now everyone in the business has three clear metrics they are responsible for.


Marc and his team did a 30 day free trial with Geckoboard giving them time to create some dashboards and really understand the software without committing. Geckoboard was a good fit because it had pre-built integrations with the tools they use, the clean design made the dashboards glanceable and it was simple enough for non-technical team members to set up. In fact, the latest iteration of Ratio’s dashboards was built entirely by an intern marketing student from Bournemouth University.

CW_dashboard This dashboard contains sample data

The student was given the brief to give everyone live visibility of the company’s OKRs. The intern then worked with team leaders and individuals to understand what needed to be measured. Within a few weeks he had created the live TV dashboards that the entire company relies on today. Everybody now has a dashboard in sight that displays the three metrics they are each responsible for, giving them live feedback on their performance, and enabling them to prioritize work more effectively.

Ratio’s team of 16 now has 7 Geckoboards across three rooms in their office and more are coming.

Live_dashboard This dashboard contains sample data


Ratio’s OKRs have now become a far more effective performance management tool thanks to Geckoboard. Their live TV dashboards keep these important goals front and centre of everyone’s minds and eyes. This means they have a strong culture of focusing on the goals that really matter to the business, and can see how their work is helping the company reach its aggressive growth goals.

Every change that is made is measured over a number of days and, at a glance of their dashboards, people can make sure things are going to plan. The teams have become much better at setting realistic goals and there is a healthy competitive spirit where everyone is motivated by the numbers to work hard and where successes are celebrated.

The OKR framework in combination with our live TV dashboards has led to a recognizable change in the mindset of the business. The result has been a sense of calm and complete focus that has delivered results.