• Dashboards


  • Integrations

    New Relic, Google Sheets, Pingdom, Twitter, Facebook

  • Objective

    Unite the team through transparent data communication

Online video platform vzaar set up shop in London back in 2007, providing businesses with a solution for managing and publishing videos online. In 2012 they expanded to North America and today they serve customers in 75 countries, streaming to viewers across the globe.


Adrian wanted to get his whole team to feel more united and motivated by minimizing the space and time between a change in the business and everyone being aware of it. He knew that clear data communication would reduce friction between members of his team and what’s going on in the business. It would get everyone more involved in the company, making them more successful.


The beauty of a Geckoboard is that people see it all the time, and when they do, they discuss the data displayed on it, and because people discuss it, they feel more involved but also think of ways to solve problems or reproduce successes they see.


Initially, vzaar only showed Geckoboard on people’s local machines – everyone works on laptops using external monitors, so a lot of people would run Geckoboard on their laptop screen and their main work on their main monitor.

This setup is great for making sure everyone feels the company – if the numbers are doing well and showing growth, everyone feels positive reinforcement from that, similarly if the numbers aren’t hitting targets, everyone is aware of that too.

To further unite the team around their most important metrics, they’ve set up Geckoboard on TV screens in the kitchen next to the microwave and the kettle so that whenever someone is making a cup of tea or getting lunch, they’re looking at the dashboards.

The fact that everybody in the company now knows the key performance indicators (KPIs) all the time has had a very positive impact on the work culture. Particularly graphs showing change over time make the numbers feel less abstract to people. Seeing the change over time, as well as what’s happening today, gives a person two very strong lenses to view the business through.


In the past, the team was bad at following up on projects to know whether they were a success or not. Now, whenever a change is made, it’s paired with a Geckoboard widget.

For example, the sales and marketing team had a theory about making a change to the system that would change the split between two different user types in a certain area. They created a chart that factored that split in a 100% line chart, normalising it to 100%. They only needed to glance at the chart to see the impact the change made. When they launched the update, the split between those two segments was 12.9% to 87%. Today it’s 20% to 79%. The team could easily see that they were correct in their theory.

Whether they’re having a big credit card system fail or they’re hitting their best bandwidth day in the last 90 days, the team know about it straight away thanks to their dashboards. Geckoboard unites the people at vzaar around both failures and successes, allowing them to keep the finger on the pulse of the company and empowering them to make the right decisions at the right time.