Dashboard Examples

Get some inspiration from some example KPI dashboards we've put together using sample business data. See how the different functions of your business can be displayed using designs that are maximised for usefulness.

AdWords marketing dashboard example

Monitor key AdWords metrics including impressions, clicks, CTR and spend at the ad, adgroup, campaign and account level.

CEO dashboard example

Free CEO dashboard example and template covering key metrics for executives and how to source data for data visualizations for CEOs from Excel, Salesforce and other tools.

Careers Page Dashboard Example

Monitor the performance of your Careers Page and optimize its impact on your recruitment efforts.

Customer Retention Dashboard Example

Monitor critical customer retention metrics to prevent customer churn and optimize customer experience.

Customer Service Agent Activity Dashboard Example

Look at a functional Customer Service Agent Activity Dashboard in action. Get some inspiration on how you could use customer service agent activity metrics to focus.

Customer Service Dashboard Example

Look at a functional Customer Service Dashboard in action. Explore the different concepts and learn how you could use your support metrics to focus your team.

Customer Service Performance Dashboard Example

Look at a functional Customer Service Performance Dashboard in action. Get some inspiration on how you could use customer support performance metrics to focus your team.

Devops dashboard example

Give visibility to the status of your systems and speed up reaction times with a real-time DevOps dashboard. Check out our example containing live data.

Digital marketing dashboard example

Get a real-time overview of your digital marketing efforts in a single dashboard, with data from several tools like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Twitter and Facebook.

Ecommerce dashboard example

Get visibility on critical ecommerce metrics to monitor audience growth and maximize revenue generation.

Excel dashboard example

Make your lifeless spreadsheet data come alive. See a sample Excel dashboard and download our template to start creating a dashboard containing your own data.

Financial Dashboard Example

Take a look at this financial dashboard to see how to use key metrics to monitor company revenue and profit growth and increase transparency of financial performance in the business.

Help Center Dashboard Example

Have a look at this Help Center dashboard example to get an idea about how to optimize your self-service activity in order to deflect tickets from your Customer Service team.

Holiday Season Ecommerce dashboard example

Learn which metrics you need to monitor through Holiday Season to keep your ecommerce website optimised and your customers happy.

Human Resources Dashboard Example

Use this Human Resources dashboard to get an overview of your recruitment effectiveness and employee happiness.

Marketing dashboard example

Learn about the different types of Marketing Dashboards you can create. Explore a sample to help you envision how your business could benefit from monitoring in this way.

Mobile app dashboard example

Monitor critical mobile app performance metrics to maximize revenue generation.

Online Marketplace Dashboard Example

Monitor your revenue generation and stakeholder growth with this online marketplace dashboard.

Online Publisher Dashboard Example

Use this Online Publisher example to get some inspiration about what key metrics to use to monitor audience growth and engagement to maximize revenue generation.

Pirate Metrics (AARRR) dashboard example

Drive improvements to your AARRR funnel with this Pirate Metrics dashboard.

Recruitment Dashboard Example

Monitor your recruitment performance by tracking key metrics that will help you monitor progress and improve your results.

SEO dashboard example

Monitor your organic traffic and any changes in rankings as they happen without having to dig into multiple tools to see the data you need.

SaaS dashboard example

See some common SaaS KPIs that companies like Geckoboard track month on month and download a free Excel template to use in your SaaS business.

Sales account manager dashboard example

For an Account Manager, monitoring a small handful of key metrics can have a huge impact on awareness of account health and progress towards targets.

Sales dashboard example

Look at a functional Sales Dashboard in action. Explore the different concepts and learn how you could use your sales metrics to motivate and inform your team.

Sales development rep dashboard example

Motivate SDRs by giving real-time insight into their progress towards their targets ad providing visibility on the quality of the leads they qualify.

Sales development team dashboard example

Build a healthy competitive culture and greater awareness in your team of SDRs by opening up real-time performance data.

Sales performance dashboard example

Keep a close eye on high-level sales team performance with a simple real-time dashboard containing some carefully-chosen metrics.

Sales team overview dashboard example

Displayed on a screen in your workspace, an overview dashboard like this can give visibility of key sales metrics to members of other teams.

Salesforce dashboard example

Make your Salesforce report data come alive. See a sample Salesforce dashboard that makes key metrics more visible and encourages your team to focus and improve performance.

Social media monitoring dashboard example

See your brand's reach grow over time and quickly identify new issues and opportunities to connect with your followers.

Support dashboard example

Look at a live support dashboard in action and learn how you could use a highly visible TV dashboard to improve key customer success metrics.

Web Analytics dashboard example

See a sample Web Analytics Dashboard in action. Learn more about using your own data in a dashboard of your design and choosing.