Devops dashboard example

Devops dashboard example

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Who is a DevOPs dashboard for?

Infrastructure engineer or head of engineering.

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Why is a DevOps dashboard example useful?

Developing a website or app comes with a multitude of administrational tasks that require regular monitoring. A DevOps dashboard (Developer Operations dashboard) is a great way of tracking them.

DevOps dashboards help keep sysadmins and developers abreast of their software applications' mission critical key performance metrics like uptime, load time, api calls, cpu process threads, memory usage and the multitude of other components that help deliver a stable end user experience.

When building and maintaining software there are inevitably times when things break. A DevOps dashboard that monitors your core processes - even just a simple one - can mean the difference between spotting a bug before your users do, and finding a mountain of support tickets from angry customers.

By bringing these core performance KPIs out from the software being used to track them, and giving them visibility on the wall, the team can see at a glance that things are running smoothly and react instantly when they’re not.

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